Real & Virtual Worlds — Concepting Week #1

For my projects concept, I wish to create an interactive experience themed around the topic of Climate Change.

An initial idea I had was to design a piece aimed towards children which features penguins standing on ice as it melts. The users aim would be to either move the penguins to safety as the ice melts and water levels rise or to control the water itself to keep them safe.

As this is designed to be a fun yet educational experience, I am aiming to include facts about climate change in between level changes and general loading screens.

An example moodboard is shown below:

As seen above, these images represent the stylised lowpoly aesthetic I wish to use for the interactive experience. As the targeted audience is for children, it will feature bright simple colours with a cartoon like appearance. Due to the style being lowpolyesque, it could be possible to optimize for use with mobiles as well as pc platforms.



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