Real & Virtual Worlds — Development Week #11 & 12

Week 11


AI Examples

Random AI

AI Random Behaviour Tree with the two tasks of FindRandomPoint and Move To (only referenced within the tree and just uses the built in Unreal AI function with the target location being the output of FindRandomPoint)
AI Behaviour Tree Task Blueprint “FindRandomPoint” : Gets the AI’s location and feeds that through the GetRandomPointInNavigableRadius which is generated through the nav mesh and sets the new target location through updating the blackboard key.

Patrol AI

AI Patrol Point Behaviour Tree
FindPathPoint Behaviour Tree Task Blueprint
IncrementPathIndex Behaviour Tree Task Blueprint
Image showing the place patrol points and master actor of PatrolPath (white sphere)

Week 12

Path AI — Dynamic Update

Boat Behaviour Tree
FindPathPoint Task (part 1)
FindPathPoint Task (part 2)
ReachedPathPoint Task (part 1)
ReachedPathPoint Task (part 2)

Updated Player Movement

This was the first method I tried.
Second attempt



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