Real & Virtual Worlds — Development Weeks #5 — #9

After the last feedback review, it was strongly encouraged to use this space as a development log for the project, Arctic Rush VR.

The journey so far…

(apologies, it is slightly out of focus, I’m not sure why but this is how the VR preview looks on desktop and is not a true representation of the experience within the headset)

Once this was in place, I was able to implement a simple score system by setting up a circle to be the placeholder for the safe zone. Overall, this involved creating a custom event to create the penguin score in a created gamemode blueprint and adding a check so that once it hits a set value, for example, 5, “victory” will be printed on screen. This will be later altered as it was just a placeholder for the scene changing to the next level.

The blueprint for the “safe zone” essentially uses the overlap function to check if the two actors’ components overlap and, providing that one of the actors is the penguin, , add 1 to the score. However, for some reason this only triggers when set to the fail branch which will need to be investigated further as it could be a potential game breaking bug if it fires with objects that aren’t the penguin. I did also first consider using a tag for the penguin, however, the overlap event function did not seem to respond well to using that input system which is why I opted for a direct actor reference.

VR Sculpting

VR Sculpt Result

Penguin Creation

From there, I plan to retopologize using Maya’s tools as despite using ZBrush Decimation Master, the mesh is still too dense to use in Unreal Engine. Therefore I believe manually quad drawing over the mesh will be the best method to retain the shape and control the polygon amount directly. The idea is to get the polygon limit as low as possible to fit within the virtual reality constraints for a high frame rate and to also enable the possibility to build and run the application directly on the Quest 2.



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