Transpire Post-Mortem #3

Upon starting the development of Transpire, I discovered some issues related to gameplay. Such as during play testing, players felt like they weren’t being given enough freedom, as the interaction between cutscenes was too restricted. To combat this, I made the decision to include longer periods of exploration between scripted events and to also allow a higher degree of interaction within them such as dialogue options.

Another minor issue was related to players missing collectable story items such as diary pages due to not being given enough time to explore each environment fully. To counteract this, I implemented each scripted event to activate after a period spent in the room, alongside changing the spawn point to being on the opposite side to where the next event takes place. This is opposed to simply triggering the next event sequence upon entering a new scene. For example, once the player spawns into the “Elyse’s flat” environment, they begin near the kitchen area which directly prompts them to explore the bedroom as it is facing them, as well as utilising visual cues such as it being the brightest area within the environment. This differs to the original gameplay of the player starting next to the phone as it begins to ring, rendering the need to explore rest of the room obsolete.


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